Nautical Solutions (Nautisol) is a Canadian registered Corporation based in Victoria, British Columbia. Nautisol was incorporated in 2006 with a vision to integrate the World’s leading marine and aeronautical technologies which will lead to the introduction of the most technically advanced high speed passenger ferries and next generation marine vessels. These ultra high speed craft are a paradigm model of the way we will travel on the water in the future.

A team of diversified professionals with expertise in finance, business management, manufacturing and technology form the basis of the Nautisol group.

Nautisol envisions a quantum leap forward for marine fuel and propulsion systems. Our team at Nautisol has developed a co-gen hybrid fuel system using liquid natural gas and hydrogen gas which will reduce current fuel consumption by up to eighty five percent and reduce emission pollutants to near zero.

Nautisol’s goal is to develop and launch a new Ultra High Speed Passenger Ferry Service while leading the next generation of transportation systems with green environment technologies.

Cooperation..not Competition